Exam is just arounDEbout ?! :O :O :O



Just by looking at the schedule give me goosebumps ! 😐  And I guess this is my reaction starting today onward…




As for preparation, seriously, I’m not too prepared. I’m just trying to focus reading the notes given by Mean and Aqilah yesterday. Thank you dearies. 

Fullscreen capture 512014 95655 PM.bmp

And now I am TRYING to read this.

Note given by Mean

Notes given by Aqilah

Hahaha. Till then,

Wish me luck ! ♥ hahaha ♥



Our E-Day ! ♥

So today was a big day for all of us as it is The Real EduTechnovation Day where we have to presented again our video to be judge by our lecturer, facilitators and a few of our seniors as well. :O Ermmm .. To be honest, I’m not that nervous as we’ve already present our video last week and get a very positive feedback from Dr Rosseni. But the environment of the real event is now felt by looking at….

This !


Actually I wanna emphasized more on the posters behind them ! hahaha


I’m actually want to edit the intro part of the video to give more impact using Adobe After Effects CC. Unfortunately, I was lacking of time due to our final week classes. All the assignments must be submitted on this week by hook and by crook. Thus, I’m not doing any changes and stick to the current video. Teheee 😀

However, without we’re expected, our video was crowned as the champion for 2013 EduTechnovation Day ! Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah. All praises be to Allah. Our last minute idea and project succeed ! Alhamdulliah the only word I can say. Remembering the day BEFORE Pre EduTechnovation Day where all other groups present their excellent and awesome video gave us major heart attack to improvise our current video. (Thank god we did a video on heart failure thingy, so we could handle our major heart attack like a boss !) 😛 Mentioning bout this, at first, when Bro Fuad announced the winner or the champion, all of us actually like kinda blur as we thought Triple N Single I won due to their reaction and expression before; when they’ve been announced as second runner up winner. HAHAHAHA ( Sorry korang, but seriously we thought you really won the first prize; indeed all of us are the real champion. 😛 ) Luckily, I managed to wake my self up quickly from that blur earth while my teammates still in o.O ! Hahaha >.<


DSC_0166Uuuuuu yeaaaaaaaaa ! We are the champion ! *bow* B|

DSC_0167LOL ! Mell, what’s with that gaze ? 😛


Ha !! Almost forget to mention about the clicker’s result for our group. Just like we did on Pre E-Day, we also give the marks using clicker for this week and  this is ours ! 😀


*uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu* in amazed tone ! 😀 Thank you everyone ! XOXO

So,our E-Day was ended, thus end of our journey in producing video !  To be sincere, this video project has teach me a lot in term of emotion, spirit and determination with creativeness. As for emotion, there was no problem at all with the teammates as we already know and has work with each other many times before. If there is an emotion issue, I could say that it is a team’s emotion. Hahaha. It like all of us, feel that. I don’t know about others, for me it is. 😀 Talking about emotion, reminds me when Dr. seems frustrated toward us during week 12 due to our attitude on blogging reflection. 😦 I am sorry for my bad attitude, Dr. 😐 It is hard to do work on time and I’m keep delaying work to the last minutes of time which I know, I conscious, I realize, and aware that kind of attitude should not be in any of future teacher at the first place. But when it comes to attitude problem, it’s quite hard to overcome when myself not strong enough to fight that lazy trait even though physically. I’m look strong ( reality: FAT ) heh >.<

Spirit and determination ! Indeed easy to pronounced, good to listen, freaking hard to retain. *Deep sigh* :/ Admit that sometimes I’m so eager to learn new thing especially related to technology, there is a time when the heart loudly whispered ” no, you can’t do it; you don’t even know why you’re doing this; better give up than waste your time on something that you always fail”. This however can be overcome lil by bit when my teammates keep encouraging and give each other moral support. I believe that out teamwork and the bond among us that make us become the champion because we did enjoy planning, recording,acting ang editing the video without felt any heavy burden. 😀

Creativeness. Even though we weren’t extremely creative, we did our best to become so. Hahaha 😀 And I think we success in becoming creative crews since we manage to change our stop motion ambulance scene from using just paper to using clay and looks more alive. Hihihi XD The most important part is without our superb facilitators whose bear with our questions and attitude we may not become who are we now. ( students with a brighter knowledge about technology. ) Aren’t we ? :O Kahkahkah

As Sevenfold said, ” Memories remain as time goes on “, here is some memories we captured. Look at these already reminds me all the things happened on our freaking fabulous Edutechnovation Day ! 😉


DSC_0136Storyboard ♥

DSC_0140Poster ♥

DSC_0209without me inside as I’m the one who captured this. 😦

DSC_0210We are the champion ! ♥

DSC_0214Here I am ! 😛

DSC_0218And here ! 😀












Till we meet again, champions ! ♥

Our Pre E-Day !

It was the day where all of our last minutes ideas will be revealed to the class ! Frankly speaking, I can’t wait to show our video production to the class today. Although, I thought I come to the class quite late today, but actually I’m not since the event is not started yet. We were the third group to present based on the voted as we believe only by voting, the order of presentation gonna be fair. Hehehe 😀 Since everyone were freaking nervous to death to present each video production. ( As for me, I’m refused to be the first group to present because, I’m still on editing mode; final touch-up) Muahahaha 3:)

For this presentation, we’ve been given a clicker each to vote for each group video presentation. At first, I was quite amused 😀 hahaha because I’ve never used that thing before and it somehow make me feel I am in a reality show and have that right to eliminate the contestant. haha 😉


This is more or less that clicker looks alike. 😀

When it comes to our turn to present, to be honest, I was feeling-less. It’s not that I’m thinking other thing or problem, it just the nervousness has disappeared and I’m in the go with the flow mode. Whatever happens, happened. And now I’m proudly presented to you Catching Heart… loljk 😀

After all of the group has presented their video, it’s now time for my dear Dr. Rosseni to give her comment on each group presentation (video). At that point, I’m realized that this is not a real EduTechnovation Day ! It is our Pre E-Day as Dr said to take her comment positively and if we have more time spare, use it to improve the video for the final presentation;next week. 🙂 However, what is really made my day is her comment towards our group’s video. She was just love it.  ❤ She said that. She also said she very loves the hospital scene when the doctor told Anis that her sister has a heart failure with the background music.

Dr also noticed that we’ve actually make some adjustment toward the credits part in term of speed after she commented about it on Facebook group. We also actually did received a lot of positive comments when we posted our final video in our Video Production Facebook group before this Pre E-Day. As the director and editor for the video, what else I can say other than Alhamdulillah 😀

I was blessed to have a very talented and versatile team members. I can say they might want to go for some acting audition after this. HAHAHA 😀

For the video editing part, I used two types of video editor software which are Windows Live Movie Maker and Adobe After Effects CC which I downloaded the trial version it from the Adobe itself. The trial version last for 30 days, long enough for me.  The reason why i’m using Adobe After Effects CC is to use it’s text effect ! Hehehe 😀 because Windows Live Movie Maker’s text effect was VERY VERY VERY freaking limited effect or I can say, no real effect at all ? 😦 However, other than that problem, I do owe you a lot Mr Windows Live Movie Maker in order to produce that AWESOME video 😀

Regarding the background music effect, it was quite hard actually to find the most suitable music for each scene. And to make it synchronize beautifully with the timing of each scene also really gave me a bundle of endurance. For the credit part and text effect, maybe because, it is my first time meeting with  Ae CC, at first, I was like -_____- yes, it was; awkward. Despite the awkwardness and zero knowledge using it, wait.. it’s not too zero due to Mr Helmi did exposed us to the adobe adobe thingy before this, it just that adobe wasn’t Ae; Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro instead. Okay let me repeat what I said just now.. Despite the awkwardness and zero knowledge of using it, with the determination and each other members support and help, I go and seek for the tutorial at YouTube. Like the goes saying  “Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta”. Hehe :D. Finally, I’m mastered ( BIG LOL 😀 ) in text effect editing ! It just worth it to see how it become after the complicated and the pains process.

And last but not least, thanks to the Lord, I’m survived through that. 😀


Fullscreen capture 312014 25605 PM.bmp

Both above and below photos here are our lecturer and facilitators comments for our video.

Fullscreen capture 312014 25732 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 312014 21729 PM.bmp

And here; both above and below photos are our classmates comment toward our video. Thank you, everyone ! 🙂

Fullscreen capture 312014 21738 PM.bmp

Done with the video, let’s talk about the poster !

Wake up to this heartbreaking news.

Fullscreen capture 312014 34240 PM.bmp

lol. Was not so extremely heartbreaking. 😛

  It just because we’ve already printed the poster yesterday (day before Pre E-Day) ! Due to our ‘just in case thought’, we did save money for a rainy day. O:) We decided to bring it as well to the class and show to Dr. It because we think that today is actually the day, but not too concern about when the real E-Day is, alhamdulillah again that Dr also loves our poster and just give a comment on the font arrangement which my other team members will work on that.


Here is our poster ! =)

And here is some our Pre E-Day photos ! It sounds more like our Pre-Engagement Day photos. #Ehhh 😛



Dr Rosseni was commenting our video. ❤

So, here is our motherly, kindhearted Dr Rosseni ! 😀


And now, she was commenting our poster. 😀



And this is our newest and the latest and limited storyboard ! ^_^



Class photo ! ❤


Our blessedness for Pre E-Day was just incredible. Alhamdulillah 😀

Spot-checked. Second chance given.

It was indeed a very gloomy day for me. I’m aware that I am the one who does not fully updated  blog and give  full reflection. It’s not that I don’t have time and too busy doing that doing this doing that, it’s because I keep postponed/delayed it till the last breath of mine (due date). I know it such a very bad bad bad habit but it is the only time, I’m really focus doing my work. And for done that to the blog reflection is a really huge mistake I’ve ever made ! 😦


Our kind-hearted and dearest lecturer, Dr Rosseni finally burst with a very very very calm disappointment toward us. She said that yes, she’s angry. What I can see only her disappointment and sadness because some of us including me for taking this reflection blog for granted even though we all aware that this is our 30% life. She said the highest mark so far for the reflection is 10/30 and I know where I’m queuing in the line as I’m updated only 1 post which is introductory video at the first month taking this course *you know how the burning passion look like at the very early new semester, then slowly fade out* 😀 She also said that our seniors never did this before. How I wish I can turn back time and start all over this semester again and burn myself if I’m keep delaying updating reflection but I can’t. That’s what a precious life is about. We made mistake so that we learnt and try as hard that we can not to repeat the same mistake again in the future, insyaAllah. ^_^

Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder. -TIA MOWRY

Jackie Chan Dance GIFs

I’m really grateful and glad that Dr give us last final chance to save as our 30% life as much as we could for these upcoming week. Feeling blessed to have her as my lecturer and Kak Ana, Mr Helmi with Bro Fuad as my facilitators for this course who still can tolerate with us; me especially for not taking this task seriously before. 😦 They even guide and explain more to us on what should we really done to save that 30%. I guess that’s enough for the introduction part. pheww ! 😀  Let’s get back on the platform. Hihihi. It’s time for Mr Helmi, Kak Ana with Brother Fuad check and give their comment on our nearly done video.

Before I’m proceed to what they’ve said about the video, let’s watch this !

*Jump into the well at 3 a.m.*

*Crawl up from well*

Yes, sure, you can say anything you want about it. HAHA. However, Mr Helmi and Kak Ana said it was okay and … Yes… Okay but we need to add some narrator part into it so that the message will clearly delivered to the audience as Mr Helmi said that he just guessing what does each scene about. wuwuwuwu. 😐

As for us, we do felt that the video was quite dull and lacking something. Thus, make me come up with a new version of idea. The idea of combining both stop motion and acting part ! Weeeee. 😀 All of GG Creation members also agreed and all praises be to Allah that we managed to get Dr Rosseni’s permission to change it at the very last minute of time as this is already week 12.

Fullscreen capture 212014 51142 PM.bmp

So, here is our → renovation project !

Posto ! Posto ! It’s a Poster Call !

Let’s say olla again to Mr Adobe Photoshop ! We meet again but now to create poster for the video project. Heee 😀

Fullscreen capture 512014 20145 AM.bmp↑ Here is my poster after almost 2 hours training with dedicated Mr Helmi ! hahaha 😀

Again, kesabaran tahap infinit diperlukan bila bergaduh dengan Adobe Photoshop ni. >.< Yes. I did learnt this before, but I’m not practicing much using it, thus the result also so so then. Muehehehe 😀

Fullscreen capture 512014 20318 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 512014 20321 AM.bmpHaha while this one created by our dearest Syakirah. 🙂

Till we meet again,



History created; mid term alarmed ! :O

This is my first time as TESL student in UKM have to seat for mid term assessment. History recorded. hahaha 🙂

Fullscreen capture 412014 12433 PM.bmp


As we all ” will not doing it today if I can do it tomorrow ” type of creatures, hence we did touch up and make up our video on the night before we seat for our mid term assessment. *don’t do this at home* 😛

Fullscreen capture 512014 31114 AM.bmpSo it’s me in flowery tudung with Syakirah in blue tudung. 😀

Fullscreen capture 512014 31119 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 512014 31123 AM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 512014 31132 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 512014 31128 AM.bmp


Hopeless Soul. 😐

Let’s shop James Franco ♥

First and foremost, let me announce that James Franco and I are actually….. Okay.. Kidding…  Let me announce that I am really love to post “live update” on Facebook group. heeeeee 😀 Because it is easier and convenient; anytime ,anywhere and anyone with me will be tagged along ! Dear Mark Zuckerberg, this ♥ ♥ ♥ is for you ! 😀

Mari kembali ke jalan yang benar !  😀

So this week, Mr Helmi introduce me to Mr Adobe Photoshop which so complicated at first but outgoing and get along with me well after almost half an hour talking (exploring and learning based on Mr Helmi’s guide).  🙂 It was indeed very tough learning although I’ve learnt about GIMP in my matriculation year for Computer Science class. So, after struggling with it, confusing between layers.. crop it here, crop it there, float all, text effect, gradient colour and much more.. urghhhh…. This is the result :

Fullscreen capture 512014 20217 AM.bmp Fullscreen capture 512014 20204 AM.bmp

All in all, learning this thing was really fun and useful as I can Photoshop my photo to be place beside him; James Franco after this. HAHAHA 😀 What I really mean is that I can apply this basic knowledge to create anything related with photo editing. Maybe for create name tag for any program.. Banner ? Poster ? At least, now I have basic in Photoshop that can be boast about. HAHAHAHA 😀


Mrs Franco.