Our E-Day ! ♥

So today was a big day for all of us as it is The Real EduTechnovation Day where we have to presented again our video to be judge by our lecturer, facilitators and a few of our seniors as well. :O Ermmm .. To be honest, I’m not that nervous as we’ve already present our video last week and get a very positive feedback from Dr Rosseni. But the environment of the real event is now felt by looking at….

This !


Actually I wanna emphasized more on the posters behind them ! hahaha


I’m actually want to edit the intro part of the video to give more impact using Adobe After Effects CC. Unfortunately, I was lacking of time due to our final week classes. All the assignments must be submitted on this week by hook and by crook. Thus, I’m not doing any changes and stick to the current video. Teheee 😀

However, without we’re expected, our video was crowned as the champion for 2013 EduTechnovation Day ! Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah. All praises be to Allah. Our last minute idea and project succeed ! Alhamdulliah the only word I can say. Remembering the day BEFORE Pre EduTechnovation Day where all other groups present their excellent and awesome video gave us major heart attack to improvise our current video. (Thank god we did a video on heart failure thingy, so we could handle our major heart attack like a boss !) 😛 Mentioning bout this, at first, when Bro Fuad announced the winner or the champion, all of us actually like kinda blur as we thought Triple N Single I won due to their reaction and expression before; when they’ve been announced as second runner up winner. HAHAHAHA ( Sorry korang, but seriously we thought you really won the first prize; indeed all of us are the real champion. 😛 ) Luckily, I managed to wake my self up quickly from that blur earth while my teammates still in o.O ! Hahaha >.<


DSC_0166Uuuuuu yeaaaaaaaaa ! We are the champion ! *bow* B|

DSC_0167LOL ! Mell, what’s with that gaze ? 😛


Ha !! Almost forget to mention about the clicker’s result for our group. Just like we did on Pre E-Day, we also give the marks using clicker for this week and  this is ours ! 😀


*uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu* in amazed tone ! 😀 Thank you everyone ! XOXO

So,our E-Day was ended, thus end of our journey in producing video !  To be sincere, this video project has teach me a lot in term of emotion, spirit and determination with creativeness. As for emotion, there was no problem at all with the teammates as we already know and has work with each other many times before. If there is an emotion issue, I could say that it is a team’s emotion. Hahaha. It like all of us, feel that. I don’t know about others, for me it is. 😀 Talking about emotion, reminds me when Dr. seems frustrated toward us during week 12 due to our attitude on blogging reflection. 😦 I am sorry for my bad attitude, Dr. 😐 It is hard to do work on time and I’m keep delaying work to the last minutes of time which I know, I conscious, I realize, and aware that kind of attitude should not be in any of future teacher at the first place. But when it comes to attitude problem, it’s quite hard to overcome when myself not strong enough to fight that lazy trait even though physically. I’m look strong ( reality: FAT ) heh >.<

Spirit and determination ! Indeed easy to pronounced, good to listen, freaking hard to retain. *Deep sigh* :/ Admit that sometimes I’m so eager to learn new thing especially related to technology, there is a time when the heart loudly whispered ” no, you can’t do it; you don’t even know why you’re doing this; better give up than waste your time on something that you always fail”. This however can be overcome lil by bit when my teammates keep encouraging and give each other moral support. I believe that out teamwork and the bond among us that make us become the champion because we did enjoy planning, recording,acting ang editing the video without felt any heavy burden. 😀

Creativeness. Even though we weren’t extremely creative, we did our best to become so. Hahaha 😀 And I think we success in becoming creative crews since we manage to change our stop motion ambulance scene from using just paper to using clay and looks more alive. Hihihi XD The most important part is without our superb facilitators whose bear with our questions and attitude we may not become who are we now. ( students with a brighter knowledge about technology. ) Aren’t we ? :O Kahkahkah

As Sevenfold said, ” Memories remain as time goes on “, here is some memories we captured. Look at these already reminds me all the things happened on our freaking fabulous Edutechnovation Day ! 😉


DSC_0136Storyboard ♥

DSC_0140Poster ♥

DSC_0209without me inside as I’m the one who captured this. 😦

DSC_0210We are the champion ! ♥

DSC_0214Here I am ! 😛

DSC_0218And here ! 😀












Till we meet again, champions ! ♥


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