Spot-checked. Second chance given.

It was indeed a very gloomy day for me. I’m aware that I am the one who does not fully updated  blog and give  full reflection. It’s not that I don’t have time and too busy doing that doing this doing that, it’s because I keep postponed/delayed it till the last breath of mine (due date). I know it such a very bad bad bad habit but it is the only time, I’m really focus doing my work. And for done that to the blog reflection is a really huge mistake I’ve ever made ! 😦


Our kind-hearted and dearest lecturer, Dr Rosseni finally burst with a very very very calm disappointment toward us. She said that yes, she’s angry. What I can see only her disappointment and sadness because some of us including me for taking this reflection blog for granted even though we all aware that this is our 30% life. She said the highest mark so far for the reflection is 10/30 and I know where I’m queuing in the line as I’m updated only 1 post which is introductory video at the first month taking this course *you know how the burning passion look like at the very early new semester, then slowly fade out* 😀 She also said that our seniors never did this before. How I wish I can turn back time and start all over this semester again and burn myself if I’m keep delaying updating reflection but I can’t. That’s what a precious life is about. We made mistake so that we learnt and try as hard that we can not to repeat the same mistake again in the future, insyaAllah. ^_^

Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder. -TIA MOWRY

Jackie Chan Dance GIFs

I’m really grateful and glad that Dr give us last final chance to save as our 30% life as much as we could for these upcoming week. Feeling blessed to have her as my lecturer and Kak Ana, Mr Helmi with Bro Fuad as my facilitators for this course who still can tolerate with us; me especially for not taking this task seriously before. 😦 They even guide and explain more to us on what should we really done to save that 30%. I guess that’s enough for the introduction part. pheww ! 😀  Let’s get back on the platform. Hihihi. It’s time for Mr Helmi, Kak Ana with Brother Fuad check and give their comment on our nearly done video.

Before I’m proceed to what they’ve said about the video, let’s watch this !

*Jump into the well at 3 a.m.*

*Crawl up from well*

Yes, sure, you can say anything you want about it. HAHA. However, Mr Helmi and Kak Ana said it was okay and … Yes… Okay but we need to add some narrator part into it so that the message will clearly delivered to the audience as Mr Helmi said that he just guessing what does each scene about. wuwuwuwu. 😐

As for us, we do felt that the video was quite dull and lacking something. Thus, make me come up with a new version of idea. The idea of combining both stop motion and acting part ! Weeeee. 😀 All of GG Creation members also agreed and all praises be to Allah that we managed to get Dr Rosseni’s permission to change it at the very last minute of time as this is already week 12.

Fullscreen capture 212014 51142 PM.bmp

So, here is our → renovation project !


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